Relief Box Mini

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Pain sucks. There’s no other way to say it. We might not know what it’s like to feel your pain, but we know it can be difficult to deal with chronic or even occasional pain. It may seem like a never-ending cycle, but with the help of our natural CBD products, the end may be in sight! Our mini relief box is the perfect way to kick pain in the butt, and it’s a great introduction experimenting with CBD as an alternative to pain relievers.

Even if you’ve never tried CBD before, you can feel good about grabbing this box for yourself. Choose from three customizable options that suit your specific needs. This box features products that strike a one-two-punch on your pain. Your first two options are ingestible products. Choose from our tasty edibles or one of our deliciously flavored oil droppers. These will start working from the inside out. Then make your third choice for a pain patch or roll-on to target your pain directly on the outside.

Whether your pain is a constant, dull annoyance in the background or it comes on hard and fast, the Relief Box Mini will give you just what you’re looking for when you need…well…relief. It’s a great option to keep on hand.

The Relief Box Mini also makes the perfect gift for a loved one who’s dealing with pain. It’s the perfect way to say you care while giving them alternatives they can actually use to feel better!

Customers who prefer no topicals in their box can choose from our gummy variety as their third selection.

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