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Mile High Cure is a global company dedicating to making premium CBD products accessible to everyone. Located in the mecca of cannabis, Los Angeles, California, Mile High Cure has more than 20 years of combined cannabis experience. We understand consumers’ wants and needs, and we only create high-quality hemp-derived CBD products. Our focus is and will always be quality, quality, quality. We aim to educate our customers about the benefits of premium CBD and overall holistic wellness. We are transparent about our products, and every product is tested by an independent lab to ensure its safety.

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  • "Their moonrocks are legit. Its the only CBD i get anymore. Its the best CBD I´ve had hands down. I´ve had many different flowers, strains and from different vendors. And while yes they were all good, these moonrocks are in a league of their own."


  • ""Jamaican lion is one of the best I've tried.""


  • "I ate two CBD gummies and fell asleep later that day. I felt well-rested for the first time in 6 years."

    Zooting Mama

  • "I need both knees replaced and am trying to put it off, these gummies help me go to sleep and are the perfect strength. I do not have a morning fog, wake up normal. So much better than any product out there."

    Denise George

  • "Really smooth Evergreen taste, very calming and relaxing in a kandypens miva vaporizer at 388 degrees Fahrenheit or 198 Celsius, I would rate this 9 out of 10."


  • "This product is beyond AMAZING! I bought this at a shop in Port Arthur, Texas and I was blown away by how great this is! I used to be a heavy marijuana smoker, and firm believer in all marijuana products to be medicinal! IM SO HAPPY THIS IS SOLD IN TEXAS NOW!"

    Tori Martin

  • "Tryed many shops. Tried well over 50 different products and 20 different brands. This is#1 so far. Nothing else is worth it. The shop I go to just ran out. I'm bummed because it's over 50 bucks on here. At the shop it was 25."


  • "I picked up this product a few days ago at a vape shop that also sells CBD products. Asked to look at the jar to check the flower out and got it right away after seeing the quality, went home to smoke some of it and was blown away by the taste and effect it has. I use CBD a lot for anxiety and this is by far the best product I’ve come by in northern Kentucky."

    Shane Rogers

  • "Brought a girl scout cookie cartridge at my local CBD store taste is great has a smooth vape great output and airflow effects are great I have anxiety and migraines and it calmed me down almost instantly and no migraine. Will be making another purchase."


  • "After trying this product for the first time today I have to say, I am impressed. With a pungent but plesant this product smokes wonderfully and leaves its user with a feeling of bliss and relaxation. With it's power packed CBG content mixing with the cbd I feel as though this may be the beat way to go. Thank you Mile High Club for devolving such a quality product."


  • "Have zero complaints with this product. I haven't slept this well in weeks nor have i had any other aches since! This product has an appealing texture, smell, and smooth inhale. I would definitely recommend trying!"


  • "You will not be disappointed!! These carts will ease all of your aches pains tensions and anxiety without leaving you feeling tired or “couchlocked”. I cannot day enough good things about these. Very good for on the go relief and puts a pep in your step along the way! Great for discreet daytime use."


  • "Helps me with my anxiety."


  • "I purchased a pack of Mile High Cure (Galato) Pre Rolled and I must say,I like it . I don’t get high from it because it’s has no THC and it help with my anxiety and pain. I recommend this brand to anyone who wants to ease the pain with smoking THC."


  • "I Had Bought A Pack Of Pre-Rolls At The Gas Station in Cape Coral, Fl; I Highly Recommend This Product Is Great"


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